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Archer & Gaher Adventures is a bespoke Tour Operator born from a love of travel combined with a need to experience the new, the untested, the unseen. 

We are a married couple with an unbridled passion for travel and for unique experiences; those adventures that you just know are yours and yours alone. We dig deep off the beaten track into the magical world of safari, culture and tradition and are here to share this expertise and welcome you to your next adventure.

Fully independent and 100% financially protected through the Travel Trust Association, we represent the best of all worlds, a product of decades of experience and travel knowledge with specialist partners working across dozens of fields of expertise. We bring this commitment to ensure you the same standard of adventure that we would undertake ourselves. It is the craving for stories that makes us tick; a seamless blend of cultures and countries, of people and wildlife that makes travel and discovery a passion unlike any other.

Meet the Founders


Archer & Gaher Adventures | Hafsa | Meet the Founders | Table Mountain
There is a lot of world out there to navigate and for Hafsa, only the best will do for our clients. She has travelled widely and represents the truly multicultural world in which she lives. Speaking several languages and with a genuine and heartfelt connection to people, Hafsa is a driven and focussed force of nature whose love of travel and discovery is unbounded. She is fun to travel with and brings a fresh perspective to adventure, exploring far and wide for unique experiences to enrich life.

Through her extensive travel, especially through Africa, building concrete relationships with our partners and local travel guides, Hafsa has seen first-hand that the continent is more than just a safari. She has delved deep into the culture and traditions of the different countries she has experienced and the rich infusion of nature and history has forged a special place in the world. Hafsa’s direct approach in working with partners has cut through swathes of red tape and will continue to build strong links with experts and specialists across the world. Hafsa’s experiences and memories highlight the deep relationship between the diverse wildlife and the people of Africa, showing the truly rich nature of the continent and it is that harmony that Archer & Gaher Adventures wants to harness in taking you on the trip of a lifetime.


They say that there are some moments that simply stay with you forever. There is a part of David that will always remain on the road. He is a ‘people person’ and it is the passion for stories that make him tick; a seamless blend of cultures and countries, of people and places that infuses travel into his blood. You are just as likely to find David practicing his Swahili or picking up some Afrikaans with an unsuspecting local as enjoying the comforts of home. He is drawn to explore the unknown and always pushes the boundaries of his world to find something new. His extensive experience puts him at the centre of all of our operations, from broad brushstrokes down to the tiniest detail. And it is this drive to connect rich and diverse experiences to our clients that rests at the heart of Archer & Gaher Adventures.

David’s dynamic energy and laser point focus keep track of the continental shifts in the industry while tracing through any impact onto the details of your personalised itinerary. His management of specialist expertise will put you in the right place at the right time as if it were just meant to be. Through this you can truly make the most of each moment as we strive to provide new perspectives and different points of view to experience life with every step.
Archer & Gaher Adventures | David | Meet the Founders | Chapmans Peak

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