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Sustainable Travel Event - 15th September 2019

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Sustainability is becoming a watchword in all walks of life as people look to an uncertain future. The preservation of culture and environment is of paramount importance to us as we described in our last blog “Overtourism or Overhyped” and this approach is being adopted all around us. We are inspired everyday by the attitude taken by those in our local community in promoting a sustainable way of life. From how we buy things to how we dispose of them, there are some amazing initiatives being launched in our own back yard. But how can these methods apply to long haul travel?

We would like to welcome you to our event “Beyond the Iconic” where we will be showcasing Sustainable Travel next month in Ely. Our home town is the perfect location to celebrate the initiatives being introduced around the world as we hope to inspire others to travel sustainably. We invite you to drop in and then travel #beyondtheiconic postcard picture moments to truly explore the “off the beaten track” destinations and discover more.

Have you been planning a long-haul holiday? Have you been weighing up the environmental impact of your experience? Limiting your carbon footprint needn’t necessarily limit your holiday. From wildlife conservation efforts off the coast of South Africa to culturally immersive experiences in the deep forests of Uganda, our event will focus on those hidden gems and how to travel sustainably to make the most of your experience. Come and talk with us to discuss your dream holiday and perhaps win one of our raffles to contribute towards making it a reality. We will be highlighting how our packages take our clients beyond the iconic and how you can fully engage when on holiday, from interacting with the locals to participating in organised initiatives which give back to the destination.

Running throughout the afternoon of the 15th September, we have invited select partners that share our ethos of sustainable travel and will be showcasing some of the unique initiatives that we are supporting. So we welcome you to join us at the Poets House in Ely, to discuss with us your travel plans, for offers exclusive to the event and to share your hidden gem holiday experiences on social media with #beyondtheiconic. Drop in for a talk from one of our guest experts, sign in and put yourself in with a chance of winning event prizes and have a chat with us about your dream holiday. It may not be as far away as you think.

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