Discover the wonders of Mauritius with a Halal-friendly break from £2600.

Enjoy the seclusion and luxury of a 5 star getaway on the magical island of Mauritius. Stay for 7 nights in the elegant Lux Grande Gaube on the northern coast of the island and enjoy a relaxing break at leisure. Fine dining at the Halal restaurant at the hotel is all taken care of in this all-inclusive holiday for the senses.

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7 Nights of Bliss
Located in the north of the island and facing a crystaline lagoon, the Lux Grande Gaube offers clients a luxurious break with as much or as little to do as you desire. Explore out into the lagoon to the many inlets or inland to discover the rich culture and heritage of Mauritius. Or simply unwind as the breeze washes over you and your troubles drift away.

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