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7 Reasons to Book a Bespoke Adventure

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These days there is more on offer in the world of travel than the one-size-fits-all approach. There is a growing need for authentic experiences, those instances that take you beyond the surface to discover the moment, the feeling of a place.

Greater access and social media have shown the world that almost everywhere has more to offer than a swimming pool and a bar and, in that moment, the world transformed from tourists into explorers. We don’t take holidays, we go on adventures, we explore and we discover. So why not search for a more tailored approach to your experience? Many would answer with two factors; ease and cost. But what if having a bespoke experience didn’t have to mean compromising on your time and money? Take a look at our 7 reasons to make your next holiday a bespoke adventure.

1) Why Plan?

The first reason is probably the most obvious; why plan when someone else can do this for you? Scouring comparison websites and leafing through brochures to pick out one of an infinite number of determining factors can be an exhausting process and can take away from the holiday itself; with you worrying about things running according to plan. These days there is more and more of the world to explore and we seem to have less and less time to do it. Why not leave the planning to someone with dozens of experiences in perfect places that you’ve never heard of and who can knit them all together to craft your adventure? That way you can concentrate on more important (and fun) things, like getting excited for your trip.

2) Go beyond the headlines

In the world of Trip Advisor, Airbnb and Instagram, it is hard to believe that there is anywhere in the world that has not been seen, explored, photographed and ‘liked’ a couple of hundred times. Get out beyond the Eiffel Tower, the Great Barrier Reef and the postcard photo opportunity. Technology has connected the world like never before and it is important that you experience the world with your own filter. Filling in your details on a form is just the first step on a journey that we take (in part) together. Have a conversation with someone who has experienced the country and who has a genuine interest in your perspective. Building a holiday around the traveller sounds like a long and drawn out process, but in truth it can be as simple as having a couple of phone calls/emails.

Take to the saddle on the plains of Kenya's conservancies

3) Financial Protection – Just in Case

Some travellers might think that it is tempting to book the individual aspects of your holiday separately, building a bespoke experience of their own and saving some money in the process. And then you are reminded of that acronym at the end of adverts… “ATOL protected”. If you book the different elements of the holiday yourself, many of them will not be ATOL protected. But what does it actually mean? In short it means that when you book with a Tour Operator you are financially covered, should anything befall us or any part of your adventure while you are away.

4) Cost vs Value - It’s not as expensive as you might think

How much is a bespoke family safari for four? Or a romantic paradise island stay? The principle worry for those considering a bespoke adventure is that the price will be too high but the cost of your holiday might just surprise you. With experience of putting a package together and close contacts on the ground, a Tour Operator can use the conversations with you to trim off any unnecessary fat and to ensure that your valuable time is best spent doing the things that you want to. Of course, there is still a lingering place in the world for a pre-packaged holiday but with clients having less disposable income, less time to travel and more exposure to the possibilities available, there is so much more to discover. Get a quote for a holiday built around you and these could be closer than you think.

5) Our Ears are to the Ground

A not so well-kept secret is that most people who work in travel love to travel themselves. We are like-minded and build lasting relationships with tour operators, hoteliers and guides all over the globe. Have you ever got to the end of your holiday to find that there was a hidden gem just around the corner? Or that someone else got the same experience a little cheaper. We are in constant contact with our friends around the world to get you little bonus excursions, discounts and upgrades as and when they become available. We believe that the holiday experience includes the build up to your departure. We share tips and offers to enhance your adventure and stay in touch as much as you want us to so by the time your boots hit the ground, you know the area and can explore like a local.

Get into the swing of things on Rwandan hilltops

6) A Friendly Voice in Far-Flung Places

When you embark upon your adventure, you are free to explore and discover. However, your tour operator is always on hand to help. With contacts all around and experience of the terrain and potential issues, your ATOL certificate is not the only protection on offer. I was chatting with a friend the other day about how he eloped with his fiancée to New York in 2012 and while they were there Hurricane Sandy made landfall. With power outages and chaos ensuing, they knew no-one and contacted their tour operator back home. Because they had booked with a bespoke tour operator, they recognised the voice on the end of the phone. They were able to bring some order to the chaos, got married and a potential disaster became a story to tell over coffee many years later.

7) There for the Long Haul

Tied to reason 5 above, we love working with like-minded people and we love to explore. Discovering the world with a good tour operator can take the stress out of the situation and have you facing the open road with excitement in your eyes. We love it when people come back to re-book with us. Not only does it give us an ego boost that you might choose us again but we can build on our knowledge of your last adventure so that the next one is even better.

So, what will be your next jaw-dropping moment? Your mind-blowing unforgettable memory. The world is out there waiting for you to experience it on your own terms and from your own perspective. Whether you scale the heights of mountains or discover gentle tides and sun-kissed shores, we welcome you to your next adventure.

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Allow us to tailor an adventure to be everything you need it to be, because no two holidays are the same.

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